The experiences you will have while in Fort Chipewyan will almost certainly include experiencing nature at its finest. Spending time outdoors improves your physical and mental well being (it’s been scientifically proven).  Our friendly staff will be available to you and assist you in experiencing everything our hamlet has to offer.

In the summer, travel to Fort Chipewyan can be through the air or by boat from Fort McMurray. Being only a 40-minute flight from Fort McMurray, a truly unique getaway is possible where you can enjoy beauty, culture and history.

Winter travel to Fort Chipewyan can also include travel by ice road. The roads freeze up to link Fort Chipewyan to Fort McMurray in the south and Fort Smith in the NWT. The ice roads offer a unique experience; the Winter Road Hotline (1-866-743-6111) is available to give you current road conditions before you start your journey. You can also call The Dene-Cree Inn (780-697-6000) for more resources to effectively plan your travel.

  • Restaurant On-site
  • Free Wifi
  • Every Room Has Fridge & Microwave
  • Handicap Suite Available
  • Kitchenette Suite
  • Executive Suites
  • 12 Rooms
  • Walking Distance From Local Grocery

PO BOX 346

108 Flett St (Directions)
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta